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This is Swish & Stone.. I want everyone who sees this on their dash listen to it.. If you love it tell me, if you hate it tell me. [you wont hate it.]
Rough mix, [this is a leak]

Fuzzibadger on the score.

elko - Soe Nes la
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Before i started makin beats, i was gonna make dnb, I started this track and a few others, but never finished it.. I never pursued dnb again. id like to some day tho.

Give it a listen!

Got some Gladys Knight and the Pips

Are you from Elko, Nevada? I totally know someone from there, haha.


naw, ha. I got the name from Hunter S. Thompson’s “Fear and Loathing in Elko”

 - existential dro
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elko - A lovers quarrel
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Thru this together real quick. Not sure where to go with it. I was playin around with some piano bits. Didn’t have enough time to figure out which key. Gotta jet to work.

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elko - sollen
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Another beat that i prolly wont finish.. But its kinda catchy so i throw these ones up.
ya know.

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elko - cloud
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first layer. going to change up the drums too. bored.

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elko - inidan
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this beat is hella weird.

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elko - hang yourself
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minimal project.
I sampled Cocorosie’s Gallows.

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Josh Swish - Love, Swish
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This is the song i was talking about on that earlier post, where I had about twenty minutes to mix, so it could be sent off to this radio station some where.

I haven’t got around to actually mixing it yet, the project it’s gonna be on isn’t coming out for a while i think.

Uncanny on the score.
Me on the boards.


Check his blog
Josh Swish

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Fucking! ProTools.

Picked up the new imac, now my Pro Tools doesn’t work. I think i need to downgrade my operating system or hurry up and get Pro Tools 9? I’ve never had a problem like this before. Fucking irritated. It wont open up, this is all after i had trouble getting my interface to show up, but i downloaded the right drivers and now this.

Any Thoughts?

Im gonna hop on the gearslutz forum see if they know whats up.

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This beats a lil bass heavy ha.
The person it was for hasn’t got on it yet.
Its been a while.

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Quick Throw away beat. Oh well. It’s growing on me. Once i finish it, it’ll be dope.

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I had to record a song today

Three hooks, two verses. Then had to mix immediately so it could be played on this radio station after his interview airs.

I hate rushing mixes.
Came out good tho, and I don’t mind helping out the homies.

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